Learn how to update your datAvenger website navigation

To start, login to your datAvneger (this is found at yourdomainname/admin) and you will be brought to the content dashboard.  From here click the Settings tab at the top of the screen.

From Settings you have a bar with 4 options, Navigation, Theme, Tools, and Account.  As we are going to be dealing with the navigation we want to select the navigation tab.  This will bring you to a screen where you will see a drop down that asks “how would you like to control your navigation?”  The choices are Automatic, which will display all of the pages you have in alphabetical order in your website navigation.  The other option is manual, which gives you a bit more control.  Select the manual option and you will see 2 columns, your navigation and available pages.  Available pages are all of the pages you currently have created on your site, and your navigation are the pages that will show up in the navigation of your site.

To add specific pages to your site navigation simply drag the specific page from the available pages column to the your navigation column and drop it there.  Once you have moved all of the pages you want to the your navigation column, click update and this will save your site navigation.

This process is the same for removing navigation just drag the pages from the your navigation column to the available pages column and then click update and this will remove pages from your site navigation.

To watch a video demonstration of how to update your datAvenger website navigation click here or watch the video below.


Controlling navigation in datAvenger

One of the biggest additions in the latest update to datAvenger is the ability to control your site’s navigation. To modify your site’s nav, head into the Settings tab and click the link under ‘Your Navigation.’ There are two ways to do navigation in datAvenger: automatic and manual.

Automatic navigation control

Automatic navigation in datAvenger

Automatic is the no-worries approach to creating usable navigation on your site. When the automatic mode is selected, datAvenger will fill your site’s nav with all of the pages on your site in alphabetical order. The best part about automatic navigation is that it will automatically update whenever you add a new page on your site. (The ‘404’ and ‘XML Sitemap’ system pages will not be displayed in nav.)

Manual navigation control

Manual navigation in datAvenger

If you want more control of your site’s nav, select the manual option. The box on the left lists the pages that will be shown in your navigation, shown in the order they will appear (top to bottom). The box on the right shows the remaining pages on the site. If you want to move a page to your site’s navigation, just click on it in the right column and drag it to the left column. To remove a page from nav, simply drag it from the left to the right column.

While you’ll need to come back whenever you want to change the navigation on your site, the manual option gives power users the ability to show only what they want.

If we designed a site-specific layout for you, you may not have the navigation control option available for your site. We can enable navigation control on most custom layouts, but there may be some exceptions. If you don’t have the navigation control option for your site and would like it, please contact us and we’ll discuss what we can do.