Learn how to update your datAvenger website navigation

To start, login to your datAvneger (this is found at yourdomainname/admin) and you will be brought to the content dashboard.  From here click the Settings tab at the top of the screen.

From Settings you have a bar with 4 options, Navigation, Theme, Tools, and Account.  As we are going to be dealing with the navigation we want to select the navigation tab.  This will bring you to a screen where you will see a drop down that asks “how would you like to control your navigation?”  The choices are Automatic, which will display all of the pages you have in alphabetical order in your website navigation.  The other option is manual, which gives you a bit more control.  Select the manual option and you will see 2 columns, your navigation and available pages.  Available pages are all of the pages you currently have created on your site, and your navigation are the pages that will show up in the navigation of your site.

To add specific pages to your site navigation simply drag the specific page from the available pages column to the your navigation column and drop it there.  Once you have moved all of the pages you want to the your navigation column, click update and this will save your site navigation.

This process is the same for removing navigation just drag the pages from the your navigation column to the available pages column and then click update and this will remove pages from your site navigation.

To watch a video demonstration of how to update your datAvenger website navigation click here or watch the video below.

A new update for all datAvenger users

It’s been a while since we’ve pushed any new features to datAvenger users. Well, starting today you might notice some new goodies in your admin area. Let’s run through some of the changes!


If you have the Form module available on your site, you’ll see that we’ve added one of our most-requested features: checkboxes! Checkboxes work a lot like selection fields, but they allow you to select more than one choice per field. The selected choices will appear as a comma-separated list in the notification email you receive when someone completes a form on your site.

Speedy admin

We’ve done a bunch of work to make the admin area speedier overall. Pages in the admin area load more quickly, and opening a page to edit takes less time now, too. We’d had a few reports of frequently-edited pages not showing up in the editor, and we’ve taken care of that with this release as well.

General cleanup

We’ve added additional polish all around the datAvenger interface: help text to tell you what sizes of images are best in the Theme Builder, a password reset utility if you forget your login information, and more. Hope you enjoy this new release!

Two years with datAvenger

Near the end of October 2008, I stood up in our conference room full of co-workers and presented a secret project I’d been developing under the radar: the newest version of our own content management system, datAvenger. We’d been using versions of datAvenger for years as the engine to drive the sites we build, but I believed this new version was the best we’d ever produced.

Two years and many updates later, it’s still the machinery that makes many of our sites work. We believe that you should be able to manage the content that’s on your own site. datAvenger lets you do that with style. Need to add some formatting or an image to your home page? It just takes a few clicks. Want a page with a form or a photo gallery? It’ll only take a few minutes to create. Recently we’ve added features to make site management even easier, including drag and drop asset uploading and Google Analytics integration. (We’re even working on a way to integrate datAvenger with mySephone. More about that soon!)

We built datAvenger ourselves so that we can listen to requests from people who use it and keep delivering enhancements all the time. We use a bunch of great tools under the hood (CakePHP, jQuery, and more), and every site that uses datAvenger as its engine receives the latest new updates and features free of charge as soon as we release them.

We’re really happy with the results. After two years, there are now over 250 datAvenger accounts. datAvenger sites as a whole have just under 600 pages, and users have added almost 8,000 assets (images and documents) to their sites. Visitors like it, too; we average around 200,000 pageviews per month if you combine the stats for all of our datAvenger sites. Best of all, there have been over 19,000 revisions to datAvenger pages; a revision is created whenever somebody makes changes to a page. I’m especially happy with that last stat, because I think it speaks to how easy datAvenger makes it to manage your own content.

Thanks to all of our dA users for the last two years. Some of the 250 accounts are using our completely free version of datAvenger; if you think you might be interested in simple content management, go sign up for datAvenger and try it for yourself!

Making uploads easier

We’re excited to announce the latest feature in datAvenger: drag-and-drop uploading in the Assets tab! We’ve made a short video to show how it’s done:


Using this new addition is really simple. Just drag files from your computer right onto the datAvenger screen to add them to your site. You’ll see a yellow border around the area where you can drop the files, and a message will appear in the bottom corner to let you know the progress of your upload.

Drag-and-drop uploading works in the latest versions of FirefoxSafari, and Google Chrome. If you’d like to use another browser or can’t upgrade to the latest version, you can still use the “Upload additional assets” link to add files to your site.

The new Sephone Resource Center will solve your website editing woes

Technology and the Web are constantly evolving and changing. It seems like every day there’s something new to learn. We know it can be tough to keep up with, and while we try to make our products easy to use, we know some of you might need a helping hand to step into Geekdom.

Sephone Resource Center - for people who feel like this when editing their website. (Photo from http://lolcatz.wordpress.com)

And so the Sephone Resource Center was born! We often have similar questions about the “how-to’s” for the person that is just learning, or if there is a new person doing the job.

The Resource Center is a collection of tutorials for how to do common (and some uncommon) tasks in services like our content management system, datAvenger and datAvenger pro. This list of tutorials will continue to grow with new text and video tutorials and will continue to cover even more Sephone services.

Here are some examples of tutorials that are currently available:

Check it out! Visit sephone.com and click on ‘help’.

New features just in time for the holidays

And you thought we weren’t going to get you any presents this year. Boy, were you wrong! You were all good boys and girls this year, so we have three new features just for you.

List view


list-viewYou may have noticed some new buttons under the Content and Asset tabs. These buttons allow you to switch between the default Thumbnail View (See #1) and the fancy new List View (See #2). In the Content tab, List View condenses your website’s pages into a two-column list, allowing you to see and manage more pages at the same time. The same menus are available in List View as in Thumbnail View such as Edit, Edit Metadata, and View. It also works in the Assets tab, hiding the thumbnail of each asset to create a two-column list of all of the assets that have been uploaded to your site.

Under the Asset dropdown, your documents show in one section, and images in another

Under the Asset dropdown, your documents show in one section, and images in another

Create a link to an image

Not to be confused with displaying an image on a page, linking to an image will direct the viewer to the image itself – outside of the website. This can be helpful if you want a small image to be a link to a larger version of the same image, or if you want the viewer to be able to see the image but don’t want to include it on your page. We’ve expanded the Asset dropdown from the Insert Link window to show documents in one category, and images in another.

Anchor tags

The anchor symbol next to Meaning means that this has an anchor attached to it. The link above it links to this anchor

The anchor symbol next to Meaning means that this has an anchor attached to it. The "Meaning" link above it links to this anchor.

You asked, and we listened. Insert anchor tags with ease with the new Add Anchor button and the new dropdown menu in the Insert Link window. For those of you who aren’t familiar with anchor tags, they are a different kind of link that allow you to link to a specific area on a page. Anchors are really helpful for long pages like Glossaries and FAQs.

Say for instance that you have a glossary on your site, divided up into sections by the first letter of the word. The page would consist of 26 sections, with the corresponding letter at the top of each section. If you added an anchor to each section heading you could

The new Insert Anchor dropdown will detect what anchors you have placed on a page and allow you to link to them.

The new "Anchor on Page" dropdown will detect what anchors you have placed on a page and allow you to link to them.

then list each letter at the top of the page and link to the section headings farther down the page. When a viewer clicks on a letter, it would “jump” down to that section of the page. Many sites with anchors also include a “back to top” link to bring the viewer back to the original list of links.

Quick tip: keyboard shortcuts

Want a new and easy way to move between views of Content or Assets in your datAvenger admin area? Simple! Just use the up, down, page up, or page down keys while you’re viewing either the main Content or Assets page. The ‘up’ and ‘page up’ keys will move the view to the previous page (just as if you’d clicked the ‘<>’ link).

We’d love to add more keyboard shortcuts to the datAvenger admin area in the future. Have a suggestion for a shortcut you’d like to see? Let us know!