5 New Features in datAvenger 5.0

As we’ve been covering over the last week, we’re launching datAvenger Pro 5, the latest version of our advanced content management system, within the next few weeks. Before we launch, though, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the great new features in this version.

Dramatically improved drag-and-drop form creation

Companies who use datAvenger Pro have told us they love our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form editor. It eliminates the difficult process of building forms; instead, you pick the field type you’d like to add, drag it into the big form area, and your form is ready to go.

We’ve heard that datAvenger Pro users would love to be able to add more than one field per line in order to keep forms compact and less rigid. datAvenger Pro 5′s form module does just that: you can now add as many fields per line as you like.

Content stats for every page

When you first go to edit a page, sometimes you want an at-a-glance look at what’s contained on that page. In dA Pro 5, not only will you be able to see a preview of every page’s content, but you’ll also see a count of the number of words, fields, or submissions for every page. We hope these small tweaks will allow you to see a better picture of your site.

The best URLs yet

datAvenger Pro has supported search engine friendly page addresses since we launched version 4 in 2006. A normal version 4 address would look something like this:


We decided to step it up a bit by making page addresses in dA Pro 5 even easier to read — and even better for search engines. When you’re editing a page in dA Pro 5, there’s a new option to create a custom URL that’ll look like this:


At Sephone we’re committed to creating the best experience possible for your site’s visitors. We also do everything we can to stay on top of the latest guidance from search engines to make sure you’re a step above your competition. That’s why we’ve constantly refined page URLs in both datAvenger Pro and our basic content manager, datAvenger.

Easy sharing on Facebook and other social networks

datAvenger Pro 4 allowed you to specify what keywords and description you’d like to include in the metadata for each page. In version 5, we’ve added the option to add an image. This is perfect for those times when people share your site’s pages on sites like Facebook, allowing you to add an eye-catching graphic into feeds on social networks.

An asset manager made with you in mind

datAvenger Pro 5 assets area

Personally, my favorite new feature of datAvenger Pro 5 is our new assets area. Assets are all the stuff you upload to your site: images, documents, and media. Our new assets area is filterable by content type. It’s searchable by keyword. It’s sortable by name or upload date. It allows tags to find your assets even faster. It includes thumbnails of images right in the asset list. And best of all: we’ve included drag-and-drop uploading for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari users. That’s right: all you need to do to upload files to your site is to drag them from a folder on your computer onto the assets list in your datAvenger admin area. Simple as that!

Version 5 is a huge new release of datAvenger Pro, and we’re really excited about all the new functionality we’ve been able to include. If you’d like more information about when you can upgrade your dA Pro site to version 5 – or if you’d like to know more about moving your site to datAvenger – we’d be happy to talk with you!

datAvenger is a product of Sephone Interactive Media