Adding and Managing Links with datAvenger

Adding links is simple with datAvenger and datAvenger Pro.  You can link both text and images on a page, and can link to just about anything that lives on the web today.

If you want to link some text to something just add the text to your page, and highlight it.  Then click the insert web link icon in the toolbar, it looks like a world with a link over it.  Then fill in the appropriate areas for the link you want to create in the window that comes up.  The options you have are:

  • URL: is for adding a link to an external website, a site that does not  You will need to include the entire url including the http:// part for this link to work.
  • Page or Page on site: is for linking to a page you have already created on your site.  Just select the page from the drop down.
  • Anchor on page: is to link to an anchor that exists on your page.  You will need to create the anchor before you can link to it.  This feature is only available in datAvenger service.
  • Asset: lets you link to an uploaded asset from your site.  If you have not yet uploaded the asset you want to link to click the upload a new asset link and follow the steps to upload the new asset.
  • Email address: lets you link to someone’s email.  Just put the email address in here and whenever someone clicks the link it will compose a new email to that address.
  • Title (tooltip): is like help text.  This is what shows up next to the mouse when someone hovers over your link.  If you are going to use this it is good to put the url that you are sending people to or the site name.
  • Target: tells the browser how to open this link.  The main 2 you should use are none, and new window.  None will open the link in the same window/tab you are in, and new window will open the link in a new window/tab so that if a user closes the link tab it will bring them back to your site.  Use the new window option when you are linking to external websites.

To link and image to something the process is relatively the same, but instead of highlighting the image you just need to click on it so that you see the bounding boxes around the edge of the image, then click the insert web link icon in the toolbar and everything else is the same.

To edit a link that has already been created you can click the link and then right click and select modify link from the menu, or click the link and click the insert web link icon in the tool bar.

That is pretty much all there is to links in datAvenger.  Fell free to let us know if you have any questions.  To learn more about how you can use datAvenger and datAvenger Pro check out our other tutorial videos.


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